QUALITY / Commitment to Quality

Marsh Quality Statement: "Reliability, Value & Service"

Quality Policy:

 Marsh Instrumentation’s Management System is designed to ensure that documentation and quality procedures, from initial customer contact, through order processing, engineering, materials control, production, and dispatch to the customer, are properly reviewed, controlled, monitored, improved and continually strives for continuous improvement of the quality management system to meet customer satisfaction and applicable requirements. This represents the official Marsh Instrumentation’s Quality Policy and enables us to support our Quality Statement, “Reliability, Value & Service.”

Quality Objectives:

a)      Expand our reputation as customer focus and outstanding selling organization.

b)      Maintain our position for innovative service and technical leadership

c)       Developing and motivating all staff

d)      Continually evaluating and updating our quality management system

Marsh Customer Focus:

Marsh senior management ensures that customer requirements are determined and met with the aim of enhancing the satisfaction of our customers.

Commitment to Quality:

Marsh has established a Quality Management System that makes quality a fundamental business principle. This strategy is based on achieving customer satisfaction by meeting our internal and customer's requirements on time. Conformance to our customer's requirements and expectations is the responsibility of all employees throughout Marsh. Our standards, procedures and practices are continually reviewed and updated with the participation of employees. Our goal is to meet world-class and customer standards on a continual basis.

Marsh Terms & Conditions:

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