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/ Ice Plug Monitors

The Marsh Ice Plug Monitor System is a self-contained unit designed to electronically and visually monitor process of forming ice plug. Ice plug is an efficient method of providing isolation on liquid filled (water, heavy water) pipes to perform maintenance and repair works. Ice plugs are formed by surrounding a pipe in liquid nitrogen (at a temperature of approximately  196 C) to freeze the contents of the pipe into a solid block that will prevent flow of the contents.

Electronic monitoring uses thermocouples installed in various locations at and near the ice plug to monitor the temperature. Visual monitoring uses colour/infrared cameras and remote monitors to observe the ice plug and frosting on the pipe.

In some cases, particularly where there is a pipe weld within close proximity of the ice plug location, the pipe temperature is monitored and controlled using electric heaters to prevent low temperatures from affecting the integrity of the weld.

Marsh IPM 04 is a self-contained mobile panel unit, 73" x 24" x 24" in size. The unit has Video Recorder, Process Recorder, Heater Control and Alarm Systems with the following features:

  • 16 channels of video monitoring / recording.
  • Thermal imaging and PTZ cameras with built-in infrared
  • Ethernet Communications
  • Local camera test jack / fourth channel of video monitoring/recording.
  • 12 channels of temperature monitoring / recording.
  • Two channels of temperature control.
  • UPS to maintain video and process recording during loss of power.
  • Remote annunciation of alarms over plant telephone system and PDA.

Why Remote Monitoring?

  • Reduced Radiation Exposure
  • Increased Safety
  • Continuous Monitoring  24 / 7
  • Data Analysis for During & After Freeze
  • Data Archieve and Review for Incident Investigation
  • Minimum Setup Time Emergency Situation
  • Cost Savings

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Ice Plug Monitors