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Itron has a product to meet your liquid flow measurement, mass flow control, loading, batching, blending and process control application requirements. You may recognize these products under the:

  • Schlumberger and Neptune Brand Coriolis Mass Flow Meter and
  • Neptune Brand scillating Piston & Nutating Disc Volumetric Flowmeters and Registers, Batch Controllers and Transmitters, for the Industrial Markets

Meriam Process Technologies provides a complete range of  differential pressure flow elements including:

  •  NIST traceable Calibrated Laminar Flow Elements for gas service,
  • 'Accutube' Averaging Pitot Tube Flow Meters for liquids, gases and steam service in pipe and duct sizes from 1/2" to > 72".
  • Orifice Plates and a wide range of DP measurement devices from Manometers to Transmitters.

Digiflow offers a complete line of liquid flow instrumentation from sensors, instruments & transmitters and installation fittings. Products include:

  • Paddle Wheel Flow Sensors
  • Insertion Magnetic Flow Transmitters
  • Ultra Low Flow Sensors
  • Hot-Tap Flow Sensors
  • Battery and Powered Flow Monitors
  • Transmitters, Indicating Totalizers, and Flow Switches

Krohne offers a wide range of;

  • Flow and Level Instrumentation Products for the Industrial, Water & Waste Water and Process Industries, all available from Marsh Instrumentation.
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