ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 17025:2017
/ Electronic Repair
/ Repair Process

Our objective is to combine efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring availability of our services when you need them.

Computerized Tracking 
All orders are tracked with a status report issued every week or on demand.

Experienced Technicians
CT’s, CET’s, and Engineers are assigned to the repair based on qualifications and experience.  Schematics and test procedures are available from our library.  Dynamic and static test functions are performed on each board.

Parts in Stock
There’s no delay.  MARSH carries extensive inventory ensuring no delay.

Load Tested
Our Technicians ensure reliability. Repairs are tested under actual load.

Quality Control
A final check to ensure that the item has been repaired to the correct specifications.  Repairs are anti-static packed with our written repair report.ISO9001-2008 registered.

Your item is carefully packed and boxed to ensure that it arrives safely

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We believe — Quality Starts and Ends with People’s making Marsh Known and Remembered for our Quality of Service.
Repair Process