ISO 9001:2008 & CSA Z299.2-1985
/ Z299.2 System Design

Marsh Canadian Nuclear Services Division has acquired extensive experience in product development and as a service provider for the Nuclear Industry for over 20 years.

Our Quality Management System (ISO 9001- 2008 & CSA Z299.2- 1985) guides the project / service through each process stage, ultimately ensuring the customer of a quality produced final product.

  • Design Concept
  • Design Verification
  • Design Validation
  • Prototype Development
  • Prototype Validation
  • Final Design Production

Products and Services include:

  • 3rd Party Product Qualification
    • Specification Development
    • Testing Methodology Development and Procedures
    • Qualification & Testing
      • RFI
      • EMI
      • Thermal Aging
      • Seismic
  • Custom Designed Control Systems / Integration Projects
    • Preliminary Specifications: Identification and specification of system architecture and available solutions.
    • Detailed Specifications: Specification of control system best suited to the performance requirements and environmental conditions.
    • Integration: Integration and assembly of control system to meet the requirements.
    • Qualification: Testing the control system and verification of meeting the requirements.
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Z299.2 System Design