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Calibration & Test Equipment

Meriam Process Technologies provides a wide range of Test & Calibration products including Smart Manometers, Portable Calibrators and Communicators, DP Gauges, Transmitters and Test Equipment plus U-Tube and Inclined Manometers. Quality and reliability for nearly 100 years.

Mid-West Instrument Backflow Test Kits provide a wide range of Test Kits to meet every type of Backflow Prevention Device test requirement. 2-valve, 3-valve and 5-valves configurations are available, listed with FCCC & HR-USC and CA-NV AWWA.

BETA Calibrators a unit of Martel Electronics offers a broad range of instrument calibrators and calibration systems, providing a worldwide source for calibration in the processing Industry. Products include:

  • BETA Process Caliprators
  • BETA Pressure and Temperature Calibrators
  • Martel Bench Standard Calibrators
  • Martel Pressure Pumps 

Kaymont Precision Humidity & Temperature Calibration System provides a low cost, high accuracy fast response RH generator and Calibrator with Digital Control.

Ametek Calibration Instruments provides Mansfield & Green Pneumatic and Hydraulic Dead Weight Testers for both portable and bench mount pressure calibration applications. In addition Jofra Dry Block Temperature calibrators are available.

Flow Products

Itron (Neptune Brand) has a product to meet your liquid flow measurement, mass flow control, loading, batching, blending and process control application requirements. You may recognize Itron products under the:

  • Schlumberger & Neptune Brand Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
  • Neptune Brand Oscillating Piston & Nutating Disc Volumetric Flowmeters and Registers, Batch Controllers and Transmitters, for the Industrial Markets

Meriam Measurement Solutions includes a wide range DP flow elements including:

  •  Laminar Flow Elements
  • 'Accutube' Averaging Pitot Tubes
  • Orifice Plates and DP measurement instrumentation

Digiflow offers a complete line of paddle wheel flow sensors, instruments and sensor installation fittings. Also included are insertion type magnetic flow transmitters and ultra low flow meters 

Krohne offers a wide range of:

  • Flow and Level Instrumentation Products for the Industrial, Water & Waste Water and Process Industries, all available from Marsh Instrumentation.

Gas Detection Products

BW Technologies a Honeywell Company is a world leader in Portable and Fixed Gas Detection Products, designs manufactures and markets a full line of gas detection equipment from portable hand-held instruments to detectors that can be stationed or affixed to buildings. Canadian designed and manufactured for quality, reliability and quick response.

  • Portable Gas Detectors
  • Fixed Detectors
  • Standalone Detectors

Nuclear Products

Marsh Canadian Nuclear Services Division offers a broad range of specialized products for the Global Nuclear Power Industry, including Ice Plug Freeze Jackets, Ice Plug Monitoring Systems, Electronic Circuit Boards and Safetry Shutdown Systems.

Process Control & Monitoring Products


 MicroMod Automation & Controls Inc. - MicroMod provides Process Controllers & Application Smart Control Solutions for Boiler Control, WWT, Chemicals and Food & Beverage, based on two proven performers Micro-DCI from Fisher & Porter and MOD Series originating from ABB/Taylor to provide fully engineered solutions.


Delta Controls - All Delta Control process monitoring, alarm and shutdown product solutions are available across Canada from Marsh Instrumentation. Products include pressure switches and transmitters, flow froducts, temperature solutions and alarm annunciators. Delta provides quality robust products for the process industiris as well as nuclear and thermal power generation, all sold serviced and technically supported by Marsh.

Honeywell Instrumentation - Honeywell Measurement, Control & Analytical Products are available from Marsh Instrumentation to solve a broad range of process control applications. Marsh has also been trained as a Value Added System Integrator for Honeywell Products, and has completed many projects for our customers.

KEP Products - Kessler Ellis products offers a wide range of Electronic Products for Flow, Level, Temperature & Process Control Applications as well as factory Automation Products.

OCEASoft Wireless Monitoring Systems - OCEASoft offers a variety of easy to install wireless transmitters for temperature, humidity, contact closures, 4-20 mAmp signals and clean room differential pressure monitoring, and completes the system with a receiver and software to provide reporting packages compliant with FDA 21 CFR part 11, for regulated industries.

Watlow Heaters, Controllers & Temperature Sensors - Watlow's complete design and manufacturing capabilities provides our customers with the right solution for all their thermal system requirements, with Marsh providing installation and on going customer service.

Precision Tools, Gauges & Metrology Equipment

Starrett Precision Tools & Gages - Starrett's product line of over 5000 items offers customers a complete range of hand tools, precision instruments and metrology equipment to meet customer requirements. Combine this with Marsh's application support, field service and calibration capabilities, and you have a one source provider for your measurement needs.

Reed Instruments -now avialable

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For complete product data and application assistance, please select your area of interest from the side panel to view our complete product offering.