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Meriam Process Technologies has been manufacturing quality Flow Measusrement Instrumentation for the proces, test and calibration markets for nearly 100 years, and continues to offer state of the art flow sensors and measuring instrumentation.

Meriam Laminar Flow Elements (LFE's) offer unique systems with +/- 1% of reading accuracy, flow turndowns of 20:1 and no upstream straigth pipe run requirements. Available in NIST traceablecalibrated gas ranges from 5.4 SCCM full scale to 2250 SCFM full scale. Ideal for calibration work, leak testing, qualification testing and engine intake air flow measurement.

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Meriam "Accutubes" provide a wide range of Averaging Pitot Tubes for gases, liquids and steam with 1% of reading accuracy, bi-directional flow capability, in pipe and duct sizes from 1/2" to 72" or larger. Configurations include HVAC, General Purpose, Direct Transmitter Mount and Gear & Socket Drive Wet Tap models. Meriam Accutubes have Canadian Registration Number (CRN) declarations for most jurisdictions - contact Marsh for applicable models and registration details.

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Also available from Meriam - Orifice Plates and DP measurement devices including DP Gauges and Transmitters, U-tube, Inclined Tube  and Smart Digital Manometers.

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