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Neptune is a well recognized manufacturer of rugged, reliable mass flow meters for liquid applications, all available from Marsh Instrumentation, your source for sales service and repair of Neptune Products.

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For more details please view the models below with direct links to all technical and service information on Neptune Meters. Please note that Neptune Industrial Flow Meters are now manufactured by Itron, continuing a long history of quality and reliability.

Neptune Type MP Oscillating Piston Flowmeter

The Type MP Oscillating Piston Flowmeter provides high accuracy industrial liquids flow measurement. Neptune's MP Series of Flowmeters has proven reliable through years of measuring over 400 common industrial liquids. The Type MP is available in :

  1/2 inch - Stainless Steel

  1 inch - Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Bronze

  2 Inch - Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Bronze and Aluminum

  3 Inch - Stainless Steel and Bronze"

    link to Neptune Website: Type MP Oscillating Piston Flowmeter

Neptune Type S Meter with Magnetic Drive

  •  The 1-1/2" and 2" Type S Magnetic Drive flowmeters with double case construction utilize the nutating disc positive displacement technology.
  • This design results in an accurate meter, which is insensitive to small changes in viscosity and flow profile disturbances.
  • The magnetic drive feature eliminates the use of a drive shaft stuffing box eliminating a leak path. This enables measurement of difficult fluids such as salt brine and sugar, which tend to crystallize.
  • The Type S Magnetic Drive is an ideal selection for continuous operation because they substantially reduce leaks and measuring element clogging. Further, the external gear train and register may be serviced without flow interruption.

  link to Neptune Website: Type S Meter with Magnetic Drive

Neptune Liquid Flow Meters for rugged, reliable mass flow measurement.
Neptune Industrial Flow Meters