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KEP (Kessler Ellis Products) offers a full Range of Electronic Products  for Flow, Level, Temperature & Process Control, including Signal Conditioners, Process Level and Temperature Monitors, Field Indicators, Rate Meters, Totalizers, Batchers, Flow Computers, Communication Solutions, Factory Automation and Specialty Flow Instruments.

To request the complete Electronic Process Products Catalog with concise product information including Comparison Tables Product Specifications and Ordering Information, contact us at [email protected] and ask for the KEP Flow Level Temperature and Process Catalog 128pgs.pdf

Also from KEP -Industrial Instrumentation Products Catalog for a complete range of Counters, Preset Counters, Timers, Digital Panel Meters, Input Modules, Rate Indicators, Encoders and Sensors. For complete technical details and product specifications contact us at [email protected] and ask for the KEP Industrial catalog 129pgs.pdf

Our technical customer service support team will be pleased to discuss your KEP application.

KEP Flow, Level, Temperature & Process Products offer a wide range of precision quality products for your process applications.
KEP Products