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OCEASoft offers complete and integrated solutions for temperature & humidity monitoring and traceability. The products and services satisfy regulatory requirements, are compliant with FDA 21 CFR part 11, and are widely used in the pharmaceutical, agri-food, healthcare, distribution and shipping industries.

Combine this flexability with Marsh's technical sales support, installation, training & start-up capabilities and calibration services, and an OCEASoft Monitoring System can be installed and operational in your facility with one-source responsibility as a very cost effective solution.

To discuss your requirements or arrange for a system demo and site evaluation, please ontact us at [email protected]

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System Overview - Outline of OCEASoft Features & Benefits     *Main Brochure*

Temperature Transmitter - Digital Internal Probe

Temperature Transmitter - Digital External Probe

Temperature Transmitter - PT 100 RTD Probe

Temperature & Humidity Transmitter - Combination Module

Process Signal Transmitter - for 4-20 mA Loop inputs

Dry Contact Transmitter - to Monitor Binary Open-Closed States

Differential Pressure Transmitter - for Monitoring Clean Room Pressure

Standalone Repeater - for Extended Transmission Range

OCEASoft Wireless Monitoring Systems with FDA 21 CFR part 11 Compliance 

OCEASoft Wireless Monitoring System